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How to make money on Instagram

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Experts believe in creativity as much as advertisers, and when a surge of creativity leaves its presence on a brand that wants to communicate on Instagram, we are already talking about more beautiful and important things. After all, if you have an Instagram account that you can't make popular, you can always use expert advice. For example, the popular service free likes on instagram makes it easy to achieve the desired success.

When you decide to promote yourself on Instagram, you need to ask two important questions before creating a strategy, launching content, or interacting with other users. Is this part of my community on Instagram? This means that you know your community, you mean the buyer person, and you know who your customers are and what they do. I think we should get rid of the "Instagram is only for kids" mentality, because these kids will probably grow up, be engaged, and may be your next customers.

What is the problem can be solved building my brand on Instagram? The fact that you are present on Instagram with your brand doesn't do anything but present, and that's it. But if your brand presence solves a problem that the competition doesn't know how to solve, then you already have the ball. From here, each brand can prepare its strategy according to the response it has, he says, the most important part on Instagram, but the community. There are too many brands in Russia that think about them first and then about the community. Why? Because when you think of yourself as a brand, you think by numbers: "I put so much money into this channel, and I want to get so much money"

But when you think of the community, we are already talking about a much deeper, emotional, human, more authentic and transparent interaction with the brand. I don't want to talk about trivial things, but there is no perfect recipe for success on Instagram, because every brand is different, every context is different, every community is different, and every strategy is different. In the case of Instagram, the community is represented by the number of users who start tracking the company's profile in the app.

To increase the number of "followers", the most important is the published content, which can make it more cumbersome to accumulate virtual friends unlike Facebook, where you can budget the amount to promote the page name using the “Like” button next to it, waiting for the world to click.



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